House tour: A homely-styled 1,335sqf apartment with laid-back charm

Evon and Ken’s three bedroom apartment is a mash up of simple Scandinavian interiors and quaint country charms. The two styles may seem like opposite ends of the spectrum, but the home’s exposed plywood carpentry bridged them perfectly; it sports unfussy linear forms, as well as distinctive grains and wood tones that imbue warmth to the space. The red brick wall also added to the cottage-style look.

“When my fiancé and I visited the office of our interior designer – Joy from Eightytwo – we fell in love with the plywood furnishings in the space. We wanted our home to have a light-hearted ambience with soothing colours, and the plywood that Joy suggested pairs nicely with our pastel blue walls,” shares Evon.

Much of their RM27,000 (furnishings included) expenditure went to the labour intensive woodwork, from the living room’s display shelves to the floor-to-ceiling wardrobe-cum-platform beds. The latter’s cocoon-like design was inspired by the couple’s stay in a Japanese boutique hotel.

The home features a nice play between cool and warm hues, from the light coloured paint and upholstery to the customised carpentry.