House tour: A stunning Budapest apartment; a design showstopper

Vivid hues and a stunning cityscape turn this Budapest apartment into a design showstopper.

In a vibrant apartment in the historical centre of Budapest, visitors are spoilt for choice on where to first cast their eye for a visual feast.

Breathtaking views are everywhere, within and without the walls of this striking urban abode, home to Margit Szinger and Geza Hamori of Margeza Design Studio.

A 200-degree moving panorama of city life is framed by a glass wall, and Parliament house is ‘visible even from the bath’, says Geza. Sailing boats on the Danube are a daily highlight in this open ‘outdoor cinema’.

Inside a vivid colour palette, curved furniture and playful accessories pop up against white walls and minimalist lines. Irregular shapes – arched windows, curved furniture, round vases – offset the lofty angles and sharp edges of the interior architecture.

“We like a minimalist design, but a softer version is more pleasing to us,” Geza says. “Our spirit reflects in our apartments. We do not have to conform to any rule.”

Budapest’s skyline is a living panorama through the standout glass wall. The bench in front “floats” on glass legs.