A comprehensive guide to finding your seat of power

It may seem like an easy enough task, but ask anyone who’s had to pick and buy their very own couch and they’ll tell you there’s more that meets the eye. It would be pointless to pretend that aesthetics play no role in the ultimate decision – after all, we live in a world where beauty is joy. But peel back the layers and you’ll find that the value of a chair is more than just skin deep. Here’s what you need to consider when shopping for your seat of power at home.


If you’re going to buy a chair for your home, it’s important to understand that it needs to fulfil its intended purpose. A work chair should provide proper back support. Couches need to be comfortable for long hours spent bonding and watching television – modularity is also a plus, so as to allow for a switch up in configurations when necessary. Be sure to test out your intended chair before making the purchase!


Take measurements of your space, and in particular the corner your new purchase will sit in. Consider how the chair or couch will fit into the space; will its inclusion leave enough room for foot traffic around it? And, if dining chairs are what you’re after, will you be able to push them in under the table? All these are important questions to ask ahead of time to ensure you don’t run into problems once the piece comes home.


It goes without saying, but the aesthetics of a space rely greatly on the sum of all its individual pieces. To that effect, it’s of utmost importance that you look into the overall aesthetic, as well as the effect your potential new purchase will have on your existing furnishings. Ask for help in the store to see what will fit and what won’t!


Depending on the nature of the occupants in your home, you’ll want to choose your furniture materials with due consideration. If you have young children or pets, opt for materials that can be washed or cleaned with ease. But if you like the look and feel of leather and have the wherewithal to maintain it, then by all means indulge yourself.


Functionality is a superior form of design, and it’s always a pleasure to find a piece of furniture that does what it’s supposed to – and more. Look into multi-use designs, from couches that unfurl to become beds, to poufs with hidden storage.

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