House tour: A vibrant injection of yellow gives this space plenty of sun!

When you plan the interiors of a home, not only do you have to capture the spirit of the homeowners, but you should foresee how the home will grow with them, too. This was how architect Darren Tee, a family friend of the homeowners, led his design process. “The couple wanted timelessness, but were not fond of the usual greys and beiges – instead, they were drawn to happy colours like yellow,” says Darren.

These ideas translated into an elegant, monochromatic base with yellow and brown accents; the five room flat will not require a massive renovation if the couple decides to do a revamp – all that’s needed would be switching up loose furniture and accessories. The RM240,000 renovation cost went into creating a clean skeleton – “We got rid of any kinks, and concealed beams and awkward corners with false walls,” he says – including graphical elements like black trimmings, and customised built-in bookshelves and wardrobes. The oak vinyl flooring adds warmth to the neutral palette.

To match the graphical black-and-white lines in the design, Darren opted for accessories that are graphical in pattern, like the striped rug, as well as furniture with clean silhouettes.