Reno right: Home gym flooring options

We answer your most frequently asked reno and decor questions

Question: I would like to convert my spare room into a home gym. Is there a special kind of flooring I need for the area?

Answer: Floors need to be protected to prevent surface scratches and scuffs from heavy-duty workout equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines, free weights and weight benches but, more importantly, floors need to have a non-slip surface. Rubber and EVA foam mats can prevent this.

EVA foam are colourful interlocking squares typically used in indoor playgrounds and kindergartens. While they provide cushioning, they may not be suitable for some workouts. Being rather spongy, they do not provide a stable base and, should you drop weights on foam, there is a possibility of bounce, which is a safety hazard. Rubber mats absorb impact better and also last longer, but they cost more. If you are not weightlifting, then foam is good enough.

Jeremy Ko of Movement First recommends getting a small number of interlocking 12mm – thick rubber mats to protect the area which you will be training on. “They protect the floor from damage, as well as offer some form of soundproofing,” he explains. These come in 50cm by 50cm “tiles”, which you can configure to fit your space. There is no need for an adhesive as the weight of the mat keeps it in place.