5 Questions with Wajiha Akbal of Palladio Interiors

Wajiha shares on what drove her to her current profession, her inspiration, and what constitutes her dream home! 

Introduce yourself! Describe to us who you are, your profession and special traits?

Hi, my name is Wajiha Akbal. I studied to be an architect but my passion has always been about interior design. I love travelling, exploring new places and experiencing something new. 
What drove you in life to your current profession?

My first ambition was to be a Fashion Designer so I have always wanted to design since I was little. I love everything about art and its history. I really enjoy exploring new ideas and sourcing for décor items and that made me want to be a part of the design industry.
How do you find inspiration for a project?

I look for design inspiration mostly while travelling. Visiting new cafes, restaurants, malls, museums, and more.


If you were to give a homeowner a tip in decorating a home, what would it be?

Do not be afraid to incorporate a dash of daring in your home décor. Your home should show your personality and portray your character.



Describe your own dream home.

Minimalist exterior surrounded by nature but not very far from the urban city, open plan concept with artistic interior pieces.