House tour: Wood accents marry industrial elements in this sleek home

Home to a couple in their 30s and their daughter, this 1,450 sqf home comes with five rooms, a sleek and upscale-looking space that makes good use of wood, greys, and black.

When the owners of the flat first approached Lawrence Puah, director of Akihaus, they had in mind a Scandinavian-inspired interior with industrial touches. But instead of going with what’s currently the rage with homeowners, Lawrence – an architect by training – opted to find out what exactly they personally loved and wanted for their apartment. The result couldn’t be more different, but there were no regrets. Lawrence incorporated the couple’s love for warm wood textures and industrial “edginess” with unique features that make this home, renovated at a budget of around RM 390,000, a standout.

The use of straight lines and open layout resulted in a look that is clean, sleek, and spacious.