House tour: Quirky decor and artwork fills this character-rich apartment.

Decked in a variety of natural materials, this apartment exudes character and understated beauty, complete with a selection of quirky decor and artwork.

Home to a couple and their pet cat, this 818 sqf apartment is rich in colour and textures, dark, wood, and deep, lush green reminiscent of rainforests and jungle. The work of Interior Designer JQ Ong, the resale apartment reached its final form on the back of a clear brief by the homeowners. “We wanted to keep everything as authentic as possible. We didn’t want any artificial or synthetic materials used in the home – no laminates or vinyl flooring,” shares the wife, Jayne. “We just used what we could afford, including raw materials like wood or concrete. This home has nothing pretentious about it,” she adds.

The flat fronts a main road, and traffic noise was a big issue. JQ knew he had to create a tranquil space and restful ambience in the home. To achieve this, he embarked on a major reconfiguring of the layout, with the master bedroom, living, and dining room positioned further away from the front. To address the limited floor area, he also suggested hacking all the walls of the original bedrooms, which resulted in an open-plan space for the living, dining, and kitchen areas. It was perfect for the homeowners as they enjoy having gatherings and meals with friends and family.

Homeowners Nigel and Jayne approached their friend, Kelvin Ang (@kaelawoods) to customise the round cluster-base oak dining table. They chose Japanese-made wood chairs from Atomi to complement the piece. Behind, a picture of Ladakh, India, shot by the couple’s friend, sits as decor.