How to: find the right shelving for your media centre

Choose the right furniture for your needs in the entertainment hub of your home. Here’s how!



Measure your room

The size of the room should be your first consideration. A small media shelf in a sizable living room and vice versa will look terribly awkward. Try to visualise the scale and make sure you shop with accurate measurements ready on hand.


Get the right equipment

Your media furniture is meant to house your collection of audio visual equipment, most notably your television, which sits front and centre. Use the television as a general gauge of the overall width so it will not end up too wide nor too narrow. As for the compartments, take into account the number of cable boxes, video consoles, DVD players, and media hubs you have, so you can have a feel for how much storage space you need. Avoid stacking as these devices can emit large amounts of heat.



Choose an appropriate design

Your media shelf is part of the elements that make up a room’s decor. Make sure that the design and finish ebbs and flows with the existing aesthetic of the space. Natural wood is a safe pick that works well with any aesthetic; for a contemporary look, combine steel and glass. Also look into open or closed systems; the former provides easier access, while the latter hides clutter.


Manage your cables

A mess of cables plague every entertainment hub. That’s why you should pick one that provides adequate cable management; carved channels, holes, or special conduits that run the cable up and out to the television and sound systems.



Manage the height

When it comes to the viewing experience, your sightline while sitting down should correlate with the height of the television. As the base, your sideboard decides that height, so picking one that provides you with an optimum viewing angle is important. Use your sofa to gauge the height it should stand at.