House tour: Simplicity reigns in this minimalist Japanese home

While simplicity reigns in this minimalist home, a complex configuration of spaces ensures it’s bright and airy inside out.

Nestled within the dense residential enclave of Neyagawa-shi in Osaka, Japan, the house was originally the client’s childhood home. In order for him to continue living there with his wife and two children, a revamp was called for as the existing structure was cramped and light-deprived.

“The homeowner has lived in this house since his childhood, so when he commissioned us to design a new house here, we began by soliciting extensive input from him because he knew the characteristics of the site intimately,” says the principal from Shogo Aratani Architect and Associates.

With its white facade and boxy form, this home stands out in the bustling neighbourhood of Neyagawa-shi, Osaka.