House tour: A cosy space by The Makeover Home

At 1,300 sqf, this suburban apartment is the perfect cosy home to a couple and their young child. Done, dusted, and delivered in a mind-blowing 90 days, the home is the work of The Makeover Home, a division of The Makeover Guys which is a consultancy catering to property investors. “Our client has a natural eye for good design. I believe that played a role in making the process refreshingly easy from start to completion of the project,” says Birdie Ting, who heads The Makeover Home.

The apartment embodies all concepts of sleek and modern, with neutrals used in full force throughout the space. Here, a faux brick wall emphasises an industrial courtyard vibe – the product of an innovative Japanese technology that was easy on both the budget and the eyes.

Photo by Lawrence Choo.