5 smart reasons to get a water purifier

Drinking water – the backbone of life and the way we live. More than a mere commodity, it is a right, and one that should be at the forefront of every safe home priority. Here’s why!


Heavy metal

Lead, arsenic, and copper – all things of the past with a water filtration system. And considering just how harmful and poisonous all of the above can be, it’s definitely a good idea to hook your water system up sooner, rather than later.


Remove synthetic chemicals

A water filtration system will clear the way for fertiliser and pesticide-free water, so you can say goodbye to pesky chemicals that can cause severe allergic reactions!




Don’t get choked up

There’s plenty that can come through the tap to harm you. A water filter system ensures you won’t ingest dust sediment, rust, and other pollutants like sewage and fuel.


Keep your plants in good condition

Some plants can be particularly sensitive to the quality of your water. If your plants have been dying for no visible reason, it could be your tap water.



Make tastier drinks

Because water filters generally remove unpleasant odours from your drinking water, you’ll be able to keep your delicate teas and other beverages free from external flavours that might taint their integrity.




With that in mind, Nuskin introduces their latest ECOSPHERE WATER PURIFIER, their first foray into the world of home products. A four stage filtration process leads to 99.9999% filtration effectiveness; it does all of the above, and packs a powerful punch in its sleek size, incorporating a polypropylene pleated prefiltration chamber for removing large particles, a compressed activated carbon block for removing chlorine and lead, a polyether sulfone membrane for removing microbiological contaminants like bacteria and viruses, and a cold cathode lamp UV light that kills bacteria, viruses, and cysts. Each cartridge will give you 5200L of water – up to a year, and its quick-installation is trouble free and easy.

For more information, visit the Nuskin Malaysia website here.