The colour of style

A quick and easy way to freshen up a dated space or to introduce a spark of interest, colours are an integral part of any home aesthetic. Still, not all colours were made the same – while some impart energy and evoke passion, others improve focus and promote relaxation. The colours of the season: those that add luxury and style.

Mood blue

One of the first and best choices for interior furnishings, the colour blue can blanket a space in calm and tranquillity, which makes it the perfect choice for the bedroom and living room. Play with the colour by mixing up shades, from dark blue to royal blue and turquoise. Work the blues into your space alongside in-trend neutrals the likes of greys and sand, and incorporate brass, caramel, and golden textiles for an eye-catching contrast.

Home grown

Green is the colour of focus, and as such, is perfect for the study and other areas where intense concentration is required. Look to the vastly popular botanical trend and incorporate various different shades of green at home, pairing with the generous use of high quality woods like walnut and oak. Complement the look with shades of sand and grey, and finish with accents of deep red, brass, Bordeaux, purple, and petrol.

Solid earth

A favourite in design and interiors this season, red evokes passion. When used to varying degrees at home, it can impart comforting, familiar warmth, which means it’s perfect for the dining room and living room. From dark Bordeaux to soft pinks, the warmth of these earthen tones is perfect when paired with nudes, light beige, and brown, alongside copper and brass.

Icon brown

For homeowners who are partial to luxurious contemporary aesthetics, the warmth of brown is the perfect choice. Create the perfect balance between warm and cold colours by contrasting basic greys against caramel, yellow, and mustard. This way, neither warm nor cold overwhelms one another, instead playing off each other to shroud the space in a carefully curated, elegant aesthetic.

Perfectly showcasing these colours and themes, BoConcept’s latest Autumn/Winter 2018 collections feature Metropolitan and Scandinavian styles. The former draws inspiration from large cities and metropoles, perfectly suited to industrial loft-style spaces with natural influences. Expect lots of dark green, deep blues, light blues, charcoal, brown, rouge, mustard yellow, and a palette of beige and grey. The latter, however, features design sensibilities inspired by Nordic nature and heritage. Think honest materials and classic features, all lending to the ‘less is more’ vibe championed by Scandinavian design, with ample use of soft velvet, linens, copper, toned mirrors, and colours like blue, green, light caramel, and dusty rose.

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