Dressing Up for Christmas

Crumbly gingerbread cookies and eggnog may be an absolute delight to eat, but put them anywhere near your sofas in the midst of a holiday party and you’ll have yourself good cause to worry. With adults mingling, children running and the presence of pets all around, not staining your furniture seems like nothing short of miraculous. Thankfully, there’s King Living to put you at ease!

All party hosts can attest to this: spillage is a common and unavoidable occurrence. Discovering a nasty stain on your favourite sofa, ottoman, or a chair after all the hard work and determination in keeping them in mint condition will definitely put a real damper on your evening. 

This, naturally, calls for King Living’s range of high quality premium fabrics and luxurious leathers. Featuring a non-toxic, water-based fabric protector KingGuard+, these are the materials you want for your upholstery, offering the best protection in such situations. This means you can rest easy, whether it’s for the sake of your brand new sofas, or even a 30-year-old heirloom ottoman – KingGuard+ has you covered.

KingGuard+ works by way of reducing the damage of any spills. The fabric is treated to prevent the absorption of any liquids into its fibres. That means any and all stains will wash out easier, and you’ll be able to remove the covers with ease to do so too. And because you can get to it immediately, the chances of getting the stain off completely become near absolute, so you can say goodbye to bubbly champagne stains and dirt!


And that’s not all! All leather and fabric upholstery materials at King Living are also treated with Bluesign® to have antimicrobial properties, thereby giving way to an allergy-free home for your loved ones with asthma and allergy problems. This means your sofas and other upholstered furnishings will be kept clean and fresh throughout the year – an important point indeed for a country as humid as Malaysia. The treatment also reduces odour, bacterial, and mould growth.

Stains and spills aside, these fabrics require minimal maintenance for maximum quality and comfort. As long as they’re kept away from direct and indirect sunlight, you’ll have half your maintenance work done. Vacuum on a regular basis; with additional leather and fabric care kits including Spot Cleaners, Fabric Protectors, Cleaning Sponge, Dye Free Microfibre Cloth, and Fabric Care Instructions, you’ll be able to keep your sofas and ottomans looking polished and new. 


Strata sofa (top) and Jasper II sofa (bottom). 

The King-Care® Service Team is also just a call away if you need your cushions refilled, covers replaced, stains cleaned, and parts repaired. Say goodbye to draping your sofas with throws to hide permanent stains!

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