Breathe Easy

Sharp’s Plasmacluster Air Purifier turns your home into a welcome reprieve from the polluted air outside. 

The air pollution doesn’t stop the moment you shut your front door behind you. Pollutants, allergens, unwanted odours, and viruses can easily seep through the gaps of your home, making the air indoors just as polluted as it is outdoors. Fortunately, you can easily defend the confines of your humble abode from these unwanted entities with the humble air purifier.

Look to Sharp with their excellent line of Plasmacluster air purifiers that offer advanced features that further elevate the air quality of your home.

Not only limited to airborne allergens, viruses, and pollutants, Plasmacluster Ions released from Sharp’s air purifiers can also remove clinging odours and mould, and also prevent static build-up, the latter of which effectively prevents dust from sticking to walls and other surfaces. The air purifier also provides faster airflow at a 20-degree angle, which helps collect dust in lower parts of the room, making for an easier cleanup!

An available Plasmacluster Spot Mode also allows the Sharp air purifier to send highly concentrated jets of Plasmacluster ions forward, effectively removing pollutants and offensive odours even in the most remote regions of a room. A special HAZE mode also puts the fan speed on HIGH for 60 minutes, which is convenient when the time comes.


Have the ability to control all the aforementioned features with an app on your smartphone, too! The air purifier comes with an Internet of Things (IoT) function which connects it to the internet. Get a visual look at your indoor air quality, and stay informed regarding optimal timing for a filter exchange. Forego the manual controls, too, and let the air purifier operate autonomously using its sensors with the single press of a button! 


For more information, visit my.sharp.