House tour: A luxurious interior featuring spatial and lighting design

This home features the owners’ jet-setting lifestyle and the designer’s knack for spatial and lighting design, which resulted in a luxurious interior.

A sojourn at a luxury boutique hotel, paired with an itinerary filled with wine and dine destinations, spells the perfect vacation for homeowner Stan and his partner. Naturally, these avid travellers want their apartment to be an urban sanctuary that reflects their lifestyle, too.

“We started out wanting a bold Empire State Building-esque interior, but all our ideas eventually pointed to a restful and elegant style – much like that of the Aman resorts, which we love!” says Stan. The couple’s friend and interior designer, Vin Leong from Haelcyon Days, merged the two into the dark and modern one-bedder it is today.

Brass and copper accents throughout the home add to a luxurious ambience.