House tour: A home flaunting an industrial look with black steel and glass exterior.

Photography KOH BOONWEI

Designed for a couple and their three children, this chic semi-detached corner house adopts an open and airy design concept. Spaces flow freely from room-to-room and more importantly to the loving family, who believes in spending as much time as possible with their three boys, they are designed to encourage social interaction.

For a simple and lightweight structure, I-sections were used for columns and beams instead of visually heavy reinforced concrete structure.

In the creation of this dream home, I-sections were used for columns and beams for a simple and lightweight structure instead of the visually heavy, reinforced concrete structure.

The team behind Three-D Conceptwerke undertook this challenging project, which requires meticulous planning and the involvement of a professional architect, who gave advice on the building regulations and authority submission requirements. In an effort to minimise the disturbance to the neighbours, the home was conceived with pre-fabrication in mind and without any piling involved.