House tour: A classic home for different tastes holds plenty of storage space!

Homeowner Dan Lee and his partner John Lim are polar opposites. He prefers dark hues while John likes bright colours; he cycles and John runs. And, says Dan as he gestures towards some Chinese books: “I am fascinated by Chinese literature, while John prefers Chinese decor.” These differences are, of course, not irreconcilable. They purchased this apartment as their retirement home. All they needed was an interior designer who could combine their tastes and requirements into one coherent look.

They chose Alvin Oh of AO Studios for this task. Alvin fashioned two full-height shelves that separate three living spaces: the living room, dining room, and bedrooms. Clad in a dark wood finish, these statement pieces check all the requirements.

“The unit came with dark wood-finished carpentry by Poliform. We used this material palette to inform the rest of the home, including cladding the dining room in a similarly stained dark veneer. This gave it a more cocooned and cosy environment,” says Alvin.