A Royal Shang New Year

Fresh from a stint in the Bahamas, Chef John Chu joins Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur as the new Executive Chinese Chef to bring a truly delicious, exceedingly prosperous Chinese New Year.

The affable chef is all smiles as he walks us through the Great Prosperity Set menu, which incorporates an assortment of local favourites and New Year must-haves (steamed whole fish, “hou si fatt choy”, chicken and abalone soup, scallops, and noodles). Says Chef John: “We wanted to keep it simple so that it would be easy to serve, while also catering to local tastes.”

Pictured: Steamed ‘long fu pan’ with preserved vegetables and ginger sauce, braised ee fu noodles with lobster and crab, and stewed sun-dried oysters with sea cucumber and seamoss in oyster sauce.