5 Easy ways to an algae-free aquarium.

Is your acrylic or glass aquarium starting to sport unsightly streaks of algae? They aren't just detrimental to the health of your fishes; they also keep your aquarium from looking pristine. Here are five easy ways to get rid of algae!

1. Introduce algae eaters into the aquarium.

These can come in the form of Plecos which are great in community tanks, or in Nerite snails as well as certain species of non-aggressive shrimps. Getting an algae eater is a huge responsibility. You need to consider their compatibility with the rest of the fishes you have in your aquarium, as well as their basic care including water conditions and the type of food required. A sizeable tank that is able to accommodate their growth is also required.

* Quarantined your algae eaters for two to three weeks before introducing them into your main tank.

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