6 Questions with Bingka KL

The team behind Bingka KL talks about food, silk screen printing, and their love for Nala.

H&D: Tell us about the team behind Bingka KL.

A: Our team consists of Adrihana and Emmalyn. We have backgrounds in Mechanical Engineering and digital animation, respectively. Adri who is in charge of the operations at Bingka has work experience revolving around the construction and development sector while Emma, the design brains of the establishment worked on blockbuster movies like Life of Pi. Both of us have been friends since standard one.

H&D: Why Bingka?

A: We wanted a name that was short, catchy, and easy for people to pronounce. There is a sense of timelessness in Kuehs. Kuehs have remained constant and are still loved and enjoyed by everyone regardless of a person’s background, no matter how much time has passed. It also sounded cute.