Bright scents to vitalize your New Year

Fill your home with effervescent scents this Chinese New Year! Here are some we absolutely adore.

Sweet orange is bright and delightfully vitalizing. What’s more, it’s in-season, so you’ll definitely earn extra points with your relatives if you burn it in the living space during visits!

Geranium adds a nice and sweet floral touch. Use it in the bathroom when you have guests over and it’ll fill the space in a soothing calm!

Lavender works best late in the evenings, when all the partying has been done and when you and your guests are winding down. Set an oil burner with 8-10 drops of the oil and sleep in peace!

Frankincense is great for improving your mood and emotions, so it makes the perfect pick-me-up when you’re tired – and dealing with nitpicky relatives. We don’t judge. Take a good whiff!

Eucalyptus helps to keep nasal congestion at bay, so if you are prone to getting blocked sinuses in unfamiliar places, it could be useful to carry around a bottle of eucalyptus essential oil!

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