House tour: a home that juxtaposes hard materials with warm vibes

This is a classic story about a couple who wanted to upgrade to a bigger home, one that is within a kilometre of the primary school of choice for their children, and which is also in close proximity to where their parents live. So the Peng family sold their corner terrace and, during the construction of their new detached home, moved into a condominium.

Together with architects Diego Molina and Maria Arango, Directors at Ong&Ong, there was a consensus to demolish the original hexagonal-shaped house.

“The form and configuration of the original house did not really suit the family’s needs. Although it was a sizeable plot of land, the original house sat right in the middle of the site, leaving only small pockets of garden,” Diego recalls. The husband and wife team approached the project by planning for the house to be built to the side, in order to optimise land usage and accommodate a more generously sized garden and lap pool.

The homeowners and architects explored various screen options. They decided on metal as it requires lower maintenance, compared to wood. They chose a darker colour, as the aesthetic effect was better than if a lighter tone had been used.