5 of the best tech ideas ever implemented

With the fast-paced advancement of technology, it can be easy to miss out all the cool little implementations appliance and technology giants have come up with. Here are five that have us absolutely in awe!

Remotely-controlled door locks

Consider this: getting locked out of your home because you have restricted access to your keys. None of us are strangers to this terrible event, so imagine the convenience of digital door locks that can be accessed remotely with the mere swipe of a smart phone!

Cloud security systems

Imagine having the ability to check up on your home wherever you are in the world! Globe trotters will be glad to know that it is now possible to keep an eye on your home and belongings through – you guessed it: the smart phone.

Super HD televisions

Smart televisions are smarter than ever before! Super HD features and the ability to stream are great, but the latest from Samsung’s 2019 QLED lineup brings with it the ability to enhance low-resolution videos and images, and to present them to you in High Definition! Magic? We think so.

The Internet of Things

In today’s day and age, connectivity is as good a currency as any. Consider this: the ability to check on your fridge while you’re out grocery shopping, and knowing exactly what you need to buy. The wherewithal to set a timer for cleaning the house, or the knowledge that you can start your washing machine while you’re out in the office. This connectivity is fast becoming reality, which means we’re all heading into an era of Tony Stark-esque smart homes!

Air purifying anything

Those of us with sinus problems can attest to this: dirty air is the absolute worst. To this end, one has to salute the masterminds behind any and all air purifying appliances in the home, from standing fans to standalone units to incorporated air purifying and conditioning units. Say goodbye to skin and sinus problems!


What are your personal favourite technological advances? Share them with us in the comments below!