House tour: A home rich with sustainable design sensibility

Rich with the green and sustainable design sensibility of Landscape Architect and designer Azry Fazamy, this 5,500 sqf bungalow in Shah Alam is the ideal home for a large family.

The family of five who live in this 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom bungalow in Shah Alam live hectic, busy lives; with plenty of friends and young adult children, the homeowners love entertaining, and as such needed a space that reflected that love.

A solution was necessary to prevent the sun and heat from streaking in through the glass, and it was to this end that Azry devised a solution to suit his design sensibility, as well as the overall aesthetic of the space. Patterned wood panels were put up over the glass panels to provide an effect similar to that of curtains or blinds. “The wooden panels slide in between the existing sliding door for the lower level and act as a second door towards the garden,” Azry shares. “This gives the clients a cosy effect while also providing extra security, as the clients don’t like grill doors.”