5 nice things to do for mom this weekend

Mother’s day is upon us! Be good to the number one woman in your life; here’s what you can absolutely do to brighten her day!

Cook for her

If you’re handy in the kitchen, try making her breakfast in bed! Try out these pancake recipes we absolutely love.

Clean the house

Let’s face it – having to skip out on doing the house chores is indeed the best gift of all. Wipe down the furniture, and give the house a vacuum and mop! Better yet, check out our guide for a quick quick clean bathroom!

Send her flowers

If mom doesn’t like cut flowers, buy her a plant instead. Don’t forget the pretty little pots!

Take her out for a movie

Or, buy her a home surround system and set it up so you can watch her favourite movie together as a family!

Fill the house with fragrance

Essential oils can really lift the mood, and what better way to give mom some time off than by soothing her senses? Try these oils for best effects!