5 better bedroom storage tips

When it comes to the chest of drawers and wardrobe, you can never have too much room. Here are some smarter ways to store your things and maximise your storage space!

Stackable containers are your friend

Broader wardrobe shelves run the risk of being disorganised, which means you’re going to need a way to hold your folded items without them spilling over into a terrible mess! Look for stackable containers and line them up in a row! You can save space by stacking them together when not in use.

Use the backs of your wardrobe doors

Get some strong hooks and attach them to the insides of your wardrobe doors. You’ll be able to use that extra storage space for hanging hats, accessories, scarves, and various other light things, and access them easily, too.


Roll, don’t fold

A lot of the time, if things that are folded won’t fit in a space, a different configuration – aka rolling them up – will do the trick. If you’d rather not employ the roll-and-store method, consider ironing all your clothes before folding them, as this will make them flatter.


Fill those luggage bags

Luggage bags do no good sitting around empty, so if you’re going to store them in the bedroom, fill them up! If you have an assortment of thick and heavy winterwear, roll ‘em up and shove them into your luggage bags! Not only will it make packing that much easier in the future, you’ll also be able to keep your winterwear free from dust!



Up and above

There’s literally no point wasting all that good real estate up top, so put it to good use! Install some closed shelving above where the wall meets the ceiling and use it to store things you don’t use as often, such as heavy sheets and extra pillows for when the guests are in town.




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