House tour: Dark colours in this home proffer a cosy, intimate ambience

A 732 sqf apartment may seem compact for some families, but for homeowners Celine Goh and her husband, they knew they wanted to transform their matrimonial home from a three room flat to a one-bedroom unit with an open-concept design, in a departure from the conventional layout of shoebox apartments.

The lady of the house had a clear vision of what she wanted: A cosy, sensuous, character-filled – yet subtly dramatic – space in which the couple can spend quality time. She engaged interior designer Ivan Lin of Aart Box Interior to assist with the execution of the interior design works, while also actively offering her input in design and styling. She even commissioned Thai artist Zhang Sitthi to create an exclusive hand-painted mural for her living room, which adds to the overall grandeur.

Splashes of colour are introduced into this mostly monochromatic home, with the addition of a hand-painted mural, a fiddle-leaf fig plant and some flowers.