Don’t forget your pre-travel to-do list!

With the long weekend upon us, it’s important to not forget these things before leaving the house!



Lock down the house

It goes without saying, but you really should watch out for various entry points at home! Lock down your windows and doors, let your neighbours know you’ll be away, and if you have a cloud security system, make sure it’s functioning! If you have smart lighting solutions, set them to turn on at different hours daily to maintain the appearance of a home currently occupied!



Turn off the main electricity switch

Be sure to unplug and turn off all major electricity appliances, and to be safe, turn off the main switch before you leave! It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Clean up your perishables

Got milk in the fridge? Drink it all to avoid coming home to a spoiled, wasted carton! The same applies to any fruit or veg you have lingering around. A good way to use them all up is to turn them into a smoothie for the road, or even freeze them for future use.


Invest in an automatic watering system

Unless you have a neighbour dedicated to coming over to water your plants, they most likely won’t survive without some additional help. Alternatively, install an automatic watering system to keep your plants lush and green!



Check your pets in to their holiday homes

If the pups and kittens aren’t coming with you, they gotta to the pet hotel! Check them in, give them an extra pat and kiss, then be on your merry way. Travel safe!