Get the trending styles of Salone del Mobile at home with BoConcept

Few threads of thought connect the various styles and looks of the recently-held Salone del Mobile 2019 more than this: that quality and strong design will always persist. In light of the design sensibilities and other takeaways of the exhibition, here are our favourites!


The Adelaide chair injects modern aesthetics into any space, while playing up its smooth, curving form to heighten both luxury and style.


Nature inspiration

Drawing inspiration from the world we live in, many design houses opted to put forth furnishings evocative of organic shapes and natural materials. Wood remains a largely popular material for crafting, and smooth curves evoke sleek sophistication.

The Vancouver dining table proffers plenty of room for families to gather around; with its steel base and a strong and elegant design, it is a design that is meant to endure.


Sustainability is key

Although much importance has been played on the sourcing of materials, it has become increasingly evident that the longevity of any furniture piece depends on its quality, as well as the design. Pick a piece that is both long-wearing and evergreen in design – something that never quite goes out of style.


The Madrid coffee table can be customised in an ever-popular effort to provide personalisation. Concrete bases provide sensory explorations alongside ceramic ash tabletops, drawing attention to uncommon home design materials.


Sensory experiences

An assortment of handcrafted sculptures and objects in various materials, from wood, to ceramic, to travertine, to marble, to steel, to textiles, and to concrete were on display in full at Salone del Mobile this year. The idea is to incorporate textures that evoke life and the natural world, allowing for homeowners to truly feel their surroundings.


Henrik Pedersen’s Hampton chaise lounge sofa for BoConcept features wide seats for comfort, and plenty of arrangements so you can have it exactly the way you want.


Customisation remains popular

Convenience, modularity, and purposeful design continue to make strides at this year’s Salone del Mobile. The idea is that, in an increasingly mobile world, homeowners need their furnishings to pull double duty, as well as to be beautifully rendered. To this end, furnishings that can be added to, or subtracted, or serve multiple purposes continued in their popularity on the exhibition floor.


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