How to: Layer your curtains for your needs

When it comes to lighting options at home, natural is best. But, when it comes to harsh and overly strong sunlight as well as the need for privacy, layering your window coverings may be the way to go!



Get blackout curtains

The perfect solution for bedrooms and areas requiring privacy, blackout curtains do as they say on the packaging, and block out the sun. Particularly useful for those with odd sleeping schedules, they can also be paired with sheers so you can adjust the level of lighting in the room as necessary.



Get curtains with sheers

Curtains and sheers essentially allow for you to adjust the level of light in your space, while not entirely blocking out the sun as a whole. They are also generally less heavy an option than blackouts, which means they are easier to navigate and work around.



Combine curtains with blinds

An immensely stylish solution presents itself in the combination of curtains with blinds. With this, homeowners can combine the modernity and functionality of blinds with the stylish sensibilities of curtains, as well as incorporate the textural and fluid quality of curtains into their spaces.