House tour: An apartment filled with charm and personality!

This apartment may be designed with a dominant white palette, but it’s far from being a nondescript white box. Here’s how the designer balanced elegance with charm and personality.

For Mr and Mrs Schmoelz, moving to an apartment that is approximately two-thirds the size of their previous rental unit meant that they had to make efficient use of space. The apartment is by no means small, compared to many condominium apartments these days, but “the original layout was not well-appointed and we had many specific requirements”, says Mrs Schmoelz.

The couple turned to William Ng and Kho Keguang from Studio Wills + Architects for help. “We looked through their portfolio and their overall style seems clean and minimalist, without being austere,” comments Mrs Schmoelz. They also took note that the studio’s projects incorporate interesting design elements but are not overly embellished or ornate, and those elements do not overwhelm the rest of the scheme.

The living room is anchored by a white sofa, armchair, lounger, an antique chest that serves as a coffee table, and two framed, contemporary Chinese paintings that complement the white walls.