8 ways to live Netflix’s The Crown

Let’s face it. The Crown’s aesthetics are absolutely beautiful, and it would be irresponsible to pretend otherwise. Here’s how to get the look at home!

Decorate with paintings

Walls covered in seemingly ornate portraits are the name of the game, and will instantly up your Buckingham Palace style.

Wallpaper is IN

The walls in Buckingham palace (on the Crown) are almost always shrouded beneath time-appropriate treatments and coverings, and we absolutely adore them! Panelling in gold and cream is a great option; so too is wallpaper. Pair it up with patterned or simple drapes as needed to break up the busy aesthetics.

Tufted furnishings

Be sure to pick sectionals in that distinct ornate style, too!

Work with velvet and brocade

Velvet-or-brocade upholstered anything? Yes, please! Luxury is often associated with a right choice of fabrics, so you can’t go wrong with these royalty-approved options.

Mirrors, everywhere

Not only do they make your room look bigger, they also feature prominently in the series from room to room!

Go shopping for antiques

You’ll be surprised at the good finds you can dig up in antique shops nearby! Don’t forget to give them a good polish and wipe once you’re settled, and remember to preserve or fix broken pieces for that hint of English good-sense and austerity from the post WWII era!

Get a corgi

We’re not even kidding. Queen Elizabeth famously keeps her royal corgis, and they more than add to the British sensibility and aesthetics of the space! Note: We do not condone irresponsible pet ownership, so only get a pupper if you’re able to care for them properly!

Accessorise with knick-knacks

Queen Elizabeth’s tables are never full-on empty. Find some pretty vases or brass knick-knacks of curious nature, and set them on your working desks or various other surfaces. Don’t forget a tea set and throw in some scones!