Breakfast at Amelia's

Despite being diagnosed with fibrocystic breasts and imposed with dietary restrictions, Amelia shares with us how she turned those hinderances into the driving force behind the creation of BREAKFIRST, her own brand which is all about balanced and sustainable eating.

Tell us about yourself, give the readers a sense of who Amelia Lee is.

I’m a health foodie to say the least! It all started when I was diagnosed with fibrocystic breasts a few years back and was told to refrain from dairy, soy, fried foods, processed foods, collagen. I suffered from a lot of pain at one point and was told that I couldn’t do anything about it, not even surgery or medication. So naturally I had to take matters into my own hands and gain control of my own health. With lots of cooking, baking and ingredient swapping, I’m happy to say that I’m currently living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that I thoroughly enjoy!