3 Foolproof Ways to Dry Your Flowers

It’s always a shame to watch your flowers wither. Keep them alive, longer, by drying them! Not only will they perfume your home after, they also make nice decorations!

Hang them out to dry

If you’d like to keep your bouquet fully intact, simply invert them and hang in a dry, warm place. Alternatively, take apart your bouquet and separate the blooms, then hang each bunch individually.

Press them between a dictionary

Make sure to line your book with parchment paper if you don’t want your flower staining the pages! Gently lay your flowers out between the pages and close the book. To apply extra pressure, lay extra heavy books on top! The drying process should take ten days or so, after which you’ll be able to turn the flowers into bookmarks, or paste them onto paper to frame up!

Dry whole flowers in dessicants

Cut the blooms off the stems while they’re still fresh. Pour out a small layer of dessicants (you can use kitty litter or silica gel) onto the base of a container large enough to fit all your flowers. Lay your flowers in and gently fill to cover, making sure the flower petals are all covered. After about 6 days, your flowers should be dry. This method will preserve your flowers’ colours, too!