House tour: An open, airy and Fengshui-savvy home

This home design is based on fengshui principles and symmetry without appearing rigid or restrictive.

Moving from a larger flat with four bedrooms into a smaller apartment with fewer bedrooms is no mean feat, especially when you have a family of four, plus a domestic helper. This was what interior designer Ng Kho Woon of W2 Design Associates had to pull off. On top of that, he had a tight renovation timeline, due to the timing of the handover of his old apartment.

Of course, being in the business helps. Woon churned out the design and drawings and enlisted the help of his regular team of contractors. Together, they managed to get the place done up in under eight weeks.

The interior is designed in a contemporary and minimalist style. “This is what I usually go with, whether it is my own home or my clients,” he says. “I keep the lines clean and try to have things concealed as far as possible, but where necessary, I will incorporate display elements,” he adds.

Monsoon windows on the building facade allow for natural ventilation, even when it rains. Some window panels open inwards, while others open outwards to achieve the architectural articulation that the architect intended.