5 tips for separating your trash at home

If you’ve always wanted to do your part for Mother Earth but don’t really know how, worry not! Here are some quick tips you can follow to separate your trash so that it can be disposed sustainably and the right way!

Get colour-coded trash bins

A good bet is to find the same bin in different colours, and set them up side by side. Similarly, you can find specialised trash bins that come complete in a set of four; you’ll want to separate your garbage into wet waste, paper, plastic, and steel and/or glass.

Do some reading

The internet is a great way to find out about how to sort your trash! For example, you can save yourself a lot of space by compacting your recyclables ahead of time. Crush your tin cans, milk bottles, paper drink boxes, and so on, and keep your glass bottles stored together in a crate until you have enough to bring to the recycling centre.


If you want to start composting, it’s a good idea to look into things that can be composted and things that shouldn’t go into the compost bin. Keep a separate compost bin by your sink to put in peelings and vegetable trimmings.

Sort your garden waste

Dead plants and leaves should be packed separately, as they can be broken down easily and differently in comparison to other materials!

Tech waste rules

This should come as no surprise, but your old tech should not go into the trash bin without any forethought. While you can reasonably take it apart to sell the parts, a better and surer option of disposing it would be to bring the old device to a professional and ask. Otherwise, organisations like usedcomputer.com.my or Senheng will collect your old devices to dispose of them properly, too.