How to: Decorate With Primary Colours

Primary colours may be strong touches, but adding them to your home space need not be an affair to exhaust the eyes and your creativity! Here’s how to do so with a light touch.

When it comes to decorating with primary colours, it pays off to remember that less is more. To this end, you’ll want to incorporate plenty of textured whites, greys, browns, and neutrals, then slowly work in hints of your favourite primary colours. This will give you a Memphis Design style that is a trending style of today!

To avoid having to throw out your furnishings every time you need a refresh, stick with neutrals in ‘main’ areas of your home. This includes tiles, built-ins, and various other larger furnishing investments.

Incorporate your primary colours by way of art, accessories, or soft furnishings. To this end, you can use plenty of throw cushions or simply a colourful design for your curtains, and break up the busy colours with whitewashed walls or a textured, plain wallpaper.

Don’t forget additions of a more temporary nature! Flowers make an amazing addition to any modern home, and there’s plenty a jar of happy gerberas can do to make your home look and feel absolutely modern and colourful!