Getting to know Ong Lyn-Hui.

Based in Penang, illustrator, Ong Lyn-Hui makes one half of ForReal Studio which provides a range of graphic design and illustration services. The studio has done wedding invitations, an illustration of Peter Pan for Hinkler Books Australia as well as a brochure for China House tribune featuring vintage illustrations and Chinese typography. Illustrator, Lyn-Hui speaks out about her passion for drawing and her favourite Stranger Things episode.

H&D: Tell us your story leading up to your career as a graphic designer and illustrator.

O: I love drawing since I was a kid. I started drawing even before I learned how to speak properly at three years old. My family has always been supportive. My dream, after graduating from high school, was to work in the creative industry so my parents had me enrolled at The One Academy. That was how it all started. After graduating from advertising and graphic design, I wanted to learn more about illustration but I was bad at realistic and proportion drawings in college. I ended up doing a lot of research and became a self-taught illustrator focusing mainly on children’s illustrations.

H&D: Describe the style of your work.

O: My illustration style is very simple, yet intricate.

H&D: Who do you draw inspiration from?

O: I’m a huge fan of Joey Chou’s work! I grew up watching a lot of Craig McCracken’s cartoons, including The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends too. But Joey is the reason why I love drawing so much when I was younger and had shaped me into the illustrator that I am today.