House tour: A dark and sumptuous, pattern rich home

This interior is the result of close collaboration between designer and homeowner.

Having worked on business owner Charles Cheo’s previous home about ten years ago, Raymond Seow, design director of Free Space Intent was deemed the most suitable candidate to design the interior of Charles’ new apartment.

The previous property was Charles’ family home, and his parents still reside there. It has an old Shanghai theme and is furnished with many antique Peranakan pieces from Charles’ collection. “For the Duo apartment, which I share with my wife Lili and our twin boys, I wanted something different and which reflects its city location,” says Charles. Raymond thus went for a luxe concept that complements the high-end residential address. “I opted for a darker colour palette that conveys a more luxurious and opulent feel,” he says.

The Beam sofa by Patricia Urquiola, along with most of the furniture within the home, has earthy tones that help create a warm interior.