In the mood for neon

What’s rocking the boat this season? Neon – unabashedly and brilliantly so. Here’s how you can incorporate it into your home for a sleek and modern chicness!

Light it up

Go OG with neon and light up your home with some stylish text in a stylish typeface! Alternatively, go bold with streaks of neon light to form a pattern instead.

Colour block

Go neon on neon on your walls to create a vibrant feature that will draw the eye! This style is perfect for games rooms or kids’ rooms, when they want a burst of creativity.

Play with shades

Lighten up the neon by playing with the same colour in multiple shades. Veering a touch into jewel tones does little to dim the exuberance of the shades, so you can be certain it’ll still look absolutely perfect.

Burst of colour

Monochrome spaces are good and chic, but use a burst of neon to brighten up the space and watch as it’s instantly transformed from chic, to tres chic!