Wall decals 101: Installation and removal

Wall decals are the way to go if you simply need to explore with a variety of designs. You can create a simple “textured” backdrop for your study or go for individual decorative pieces for the kids' room where frequent changes are made to the decorations as your child grows. Wall decals are less permanent and inexpensive to remove in comparison to large-scale wallpapers and stencils. Be it wall stickers or vinyl wall decals, when installed correctly, removal can be an easy task to do.

1. Prepping your walls prior to application.

Itching to get a head start on your latest project involving wall decals? With the hunt for the right wall decals are finally over, you don’t want them to peel off on its own as soon as you applied it to the wall. To prevent such an incident, it’s definitely worth waiting for your newly painted walls to cure for three weeks before application. Bring out a warm, damp cloth and remove any dust particles on the wall to ensure that the wall decals stick properly to the surface. Don’t forget to mark the spot using a tape or pencil.

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