House tour: A posh and modern style befits this greywashed apartment

To homeowners Kelvin and Julette Mun, the surfaces in a home play an important role in creating the right atmosphere. Kelvin dislikes plain walls, so they opted for a subtle fabric-like wallpaper to give the contemporary three bedroom apartment a softer look. Julette, on the other hand, had always dreamt of a marble feature wall. As large slabs of marble are difficult to come by and be transported into smaller apartments, they opted for tiles. A dark colour scheme was also introduced into the matrimonial home: grey ceilings and dimmable lighting are a sensuous combination, while brown leather furniture adds a sense of masculinity. They achieved the desired look with the help of Sherlynn Low of Millimeters Studio, who completed the project just in time for their wedding. This is what went into the RM225,000 renovation.