House tour: A chic, eclectic home belonging to a bachelorette

Once a cluttered space, this flat has been turned into a home that embraces colours and an eclectic style.

An old resale flat, dim, cluttered, and run down undergoes an overhaul and the transformation is plain stunning. It’s not unlike most reno stories. Except the owner of this apartment has gone all out to make a bold statement with strong colours and design touches. Renovated at an estimated cost of RM 165,000, the apartment is heavily influenced by bohemian and retro design elements – interpreted in fresh, contemporary ways by interior designer Jade Kwok of Fuse Concept.

Part of the living room was knocked down to let in more light, while large homogeneous tiles in the living and dining areas visually enhance the space. The room next to the master bedroom was converted into a workspace for the owner, who is a home-based artist.