The story behind Kloth Cares (Part 1)

photo Nik Suzila Hassan and Sarahah Kedah at Sunway Putra Mall.

Kloth Cares has been making an enormous effort to keep fabrics and clothes away from our landfills. Nik Suzila Hassan and Sarahah Kedah, co-founders of Kloth Cares reveal several simple but creative ways on how we can recycle fabrics at home and the things we can donate at the Kloth Cares bins.

H&D: Tell us a little bit about the team behind Kloth Cares. What are the individual backstories that inspired the establishment of Kloth Cares and the fabric recycling movement?

N: I was a full-time employee heading the business development and branding division in a media company when Kloth Malaysia Sdn Bhd was established in 2013. As an employee, I felt that my life was regimented and dull. A social enterprise business benefitting the environment and community moved me. I didn’t think twice to immerse myself in entrepreneurship at 33 years old although I had a full-time job.

S: My career background has always been external and internal auditing. Since I came back to Malaysia in 2010, I always wanted to go beyond auditing until I stumbled upon sustainability and circular economy. From plastic to fabric circular economy, we are determined to become the leading change-maker in this sphere.