5 ways to keep your plants safe throughout weather changes

Come rain or shine, here’s how to make sure the products of your green thumb survive!



Ensure proper drainage

Nothing kills a plant faster than root rot, so you’ll need to make sure your plants have the proper drainage to survive excess rainfall.


Use a moisture gauge

A moisture gauge is important for days you either over, or under-water, as how much water your soil retains will depend on how wet the air is, and how much water the plants are getting from rain!


Mulch as needed

Mulch is both important to keep water in, and out. Be sure to mulch areas surrounding your plant if you want to make sure the plant gets just the right amount of water it needs!



Provide a covering

Smaller plants with shallow root systems will benefit from covering in times of intense wind, as they can easily be destroyed! Also consider anchors for climbing plants that need extra support.


Install an automatic watering system

For the homeowner who wants to bathe in greenery, but often forgets to water the plants; automatic watering solutions are an absolute dream.