How to: spruce up your bedroom with patterns

Is your bed looking a little bit flat? Most of us are going to have problems getting that perfect hotel bed – the one you can bounce a quarter off, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get the aesthetics right! Here’s how you can add a little life and zest with fabrics galore!

Colour me happy

While most of us may prefer bedrooms in singular or monotone hues, it can be imperative to brighten up the space with just the slightest hint of colour! For this purpose, we’d recommend putting in a throw cushion with a graphic pattern in a pop of colour to get things brightened up.

Paint perfection

Geometrics have taken a turn for popularity in recent times, and they look absolutely wonderful painted onto walls in various pastel shades!

Play off contrasts

Small contrasts can have big rewards at home! For instance: combining two separate prints on two different sides of a cushion, one big and one small, can allow for you to quickly and easily flip them around for a different look. Alternatively, use large prints on your cushions, and small prints on your upholstery, or vice-versa.

Matchy matchy

Upholstery isn’t the only way to incorporate patterns into your space! Consider working patterns into the room by way of curtains, carpets, and even in your lampshades! And if you’re really itching to get creative, dig up some gorgeous prints, frame them up, and hang them on your wall as art pieces.

Fresh blooms for posterity

Florals will never really go out of fashion, so why not opt for real living florals for a change? A handcrafted bouquet can really up the ante on your home space, especially when you’re expecting company you’d like to impress.