Storage Bloc: A simple guide to renting a storage space

What is Storage Bloc?

Storage Bloc is an on-demand storage company established by a pair of twins from Sarawak, Jessica and David Buri. In addition to the storage space, which can be rented out on a short or long-term basis, the establishment also provides optional packing and transportation services.


It’s about convenience, comfort and affordability. Decluttering a home or an office doesn't have to be a hassle! No stranger to clutter, themselves, Jessica and David found their respective homes, like most apartments in Kuala Lumpur, lack storage space. Theirs were cluttered with sentimental and valuable items which they did not want to discard, but there simply wasn’t anywhere else to store them. The lack of storage space could invoke the habit of stacking up unused items in random corners of a house, or, worse, convert the room into a storeroom instead of a functional office space or a bedroom.

With Storage Bloc, homeowners are given the opportunity to Start Fresh and establish a warm, welcoming, and comfortable home to live in. A home, according to the duo, should not only be safe, comfortable and peaceful, but has to be clean, clutter-free, offering a stress-free environment.