How to: Jewel tone with Accessories

This delightful, colourful trend is more than making waves in the homes of today, but too much of a good thing can definitely throw your aesthetics out of whack! Here are some quick, easy ways to bring in the crown jewels!

AUDENZA, Palm Jungle Green Tropical Rug, Sienna Claret Velvet Shell Chair

Stark contrasts

Jewel tones play off beautifully against other jewel tones! Embrace your inner maximalist and pair them up together to play the big game!

Play with metallics

There’s a reason they’re called jewel tones, and there are reasons jewels look so great inset in jewellery! Metallics and jewel tones are a match made in heaven. Try playing rose gold or brass off against dark, deep blues and viridians, and watch your home come alive!

Covet House, Project Dreaming Gold, Rest in Gold

Neutral grounds

If maximalist is too strong, while minimalist is too clean, take the middle ground by mixing colour and neutrals! If your space is predominantly neutral, you can up the ante by tossing in a bright, jewel-hued piece, whether it is a painting, a throw, a cushion, or even just a large vase.

Analogue up

Analogue colours – which are colours that sit near each other in shades, look remarkably good together. Take a singular jewel tone piece and pair it alongside a softer cousin from the same colour family for a nice soft touch.

Photo: Covet House, Project Dreaming Gold, Exotic Dining Room

Colour block

Fuchsia and green, or red and blue? Colour blocked jewel-toned homes are a wild ride, but you can rest assured you’ll never be bored if that’s what you like!

Bring it to the kitchen

Gone are the days of stark, boring kitchens! Bring in the colour, and bring them in bold for a colourful, classy place in which your family breakfasts or dinner parties can be held.