The art of decluttering with Jessica and David Buri.

Jessica and David Buri, founders of Storage Bloc, an on-demand storage company providing A-Z services to everyday consumers, define what clutter is.

H&D: How do you define clutter?

D: Clutter constitutes an untidy collection of items that are piled up in free spaces around homes and offices. For example, files and books stacked below a table, clothes in suitcases and boxes at the corner of a room.

H&D: What form does clutter come in?

D: Clutter can be both messy and organised. It’s a combination of important items that you want to keep for a long time and items that you don’t need at all that can be thrown away. The goal of decluttering is to free up space in living or working areas for more important things.

H&D: Describe the clutter in Malaysian homes that need to be addressed.

D: Most apartments in Kuala Lumpur do not have adequate storage space or space for storage units. Technically, you could fill your homes with cupboards, but that will make a living space too small and almost claustrophobic. We tend to buy and keep a lot of items, even when we don’t have a place to store them.